The Smyrna Community Center is a multi-use facility with a variety of indoor spaces for meetings, athletics, and activities. Youth and adult league basketball are hosted in the two gymnasiums. Three racquetball courts, a walking track, fitness area, and game room are open during regular business hours. Other activities for all ages include gymnastics, ballet, dance, martial arts, fitness classes, and more.

Smyrna Community Center hosts the US Goalball National Tournaments. Goalball is a sport designed for the visually impaired. Goalball is a sport played with three people to a team. The ball is about the size of a basketball, weighs a little over three pounds, and has a bell in it. All the players are blindfolded because not all visually-impaired people are blind. The object is to roll the ball up and down the floor, past the team on the end. There’s a goal across each end of the floor that’s about the size of a volleyball court, roughly 30 feet by 60 feet.